Zaha hadid

Do you remember that she produced the plastic shoes "melissa"?

this is already sold in london! I really want this!


Andy warhol says in Japanese,
cobalt blue

"are beautiful"

Sankai juku

sankai juku is a japanese traditional contemporary dance unit.
their dance is very quietly,but also very powerful.
if you see it,you thought that it was very difficut,but i saw very interesting cultural dance.


-plaese play it at the same time.-
-you can listen very strange sound.-


-but please be careful do not clash your computer-

Crazy by Gnarls barkley

maybe..this promortal video was inspirated from inkblot test?
these geometric & synmetric image give a sence of security.


geometry is infinite

rough rough

sometimes i wanna drowing something on the sketchbooks.
easily & freely..

sauce from

paris fashion week

paris fashion week was held on Sunday, 28 September 2008 to saturday, 4 October 2008

maison martin margiela
this show was 20th anniversary of his brand.
we heard many many claps at the show time.

Gareth Pugh
this is the first collection of his brand in Paris.
his creativity is always having big impact,
but it is also having very constructionally sides.

chanel & karl lagerfeld
everytime I amazed by his ideal clothing and that balance.

comme des garcons

her thoughts ”a future of black”
seems to be remembered by the soccer ball.

his new curvy shelouette

Haider Akkermann 08-09 A/W Collection

Reem Alasadi

Today, Information of her is still little.
but resently, her Unique creativity began to attract attention to people in tokyo.
this is the first collection in london fashion week
(08SS "A Beautiful Agony")

From official site...

Yet in Tokyo she is very public, and her presence is felt through a cult following of dramatic and dandyish fans dressed up like Victorian rag-dolls gone berserk, parading at the entrance of the Laforet department store, where she plays market to the young avant-garde of Harajuku, who dress in layers of skirts and pinafores topped with lingerie dresses, inside-out tailcoats, blooming bibs and brocante jewellery, with a tribal touch of fur, all with that obvious sense of opulent pleasure that only the young creationャcrazy Japanese can possess. Over the last five years she has shown her transformations during Tokyo's Fashion Week, visibly influencing many local designers through her fantasy of wonder.

From swinging London to kinetic Tokyo, these curious creations are continuing to bloom as they find their way into the botanical garden of fashion.


その昔 僕らは無邪気で

どこか優しくて 暖かかった



this stuff is detail shots only...