Reem Alasadi

Today, Information of her is still little.
but resently, her Unique creativity began to attract attention to people in tokyo.
this is the first collection in london fashion week
(08SS "A Beautiful Agony")

From official site...

Yet in Tokyo she is very public, and her presence is felt through a cult following of dramatic and dandyish fans dressed up like Victorian rag-dolls gone berserk, parading at the entrance of the Laforet department store, where she plays market to the young avant-garde of Harajuku, who dress in layers of skirts and pinafores topped with lingerie dresses, inside-out tailcoats, blooming bibs and brocante jewellery, with a tribal touch of fur, all with that obvious sense of opulent pleasure that only the young creationャcrazy Japanese can possess. Over the last five years she has shown her transformations during Tokyo's Fashion Week, visibly influencing many local designers through her fantasy of wonder.

From swinging London to kinetic Tokyo, these curious creations are continuing to bloom as they find their way into the botanical garden of fashion.