Rugged TimeScape

This is the collaboration project of
photographer Shintsubo Kenshu
and a Complex System Science researcher Ikegami.

The photograph itself looks like a geometric pattern
with beautiful colour, but actually, complex practice is
behind it - the photographs in "Rugged TimeScape" is
originally images of fluid objects like lights, smokes, clouds
and forests taken by Shintsubo Kenshu,
but once they are converted to digital image data and applied
to an advanced program Ikegami created,
the visuals of the works are radically textualised.

Sound installation by Keiichiro Shibuya + evala,
which is also created based on the photographs' digital data
through a particular programming,
will be also shown during this exhibition.

"Rugged TimeScape" by Takashi Ikegami + Kenshu Shintubo

sound : Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK) + evala (ATAK, port)

13 Mar – 3 Apr 2010 @ FOIL GALLERY